Jewel Of The Night

For maximum impact, adorn your face with this season’s dazzling palette of multi-coloured make-up

Posted: 12.11.12

Pearly Cheeks

Perk up your complexion and make the cheeks glisten with clever use of highlighters and illuminators. Available in cream and powder based formulas, the latest products are perfect for brightening the skin by imparting a soft and luminous sheen. For a glowing result, apply the product to the high points of the face – such as the cheeks, temples and a touch on brow bones.

Ruby Lips
Make your lips the centre of attention by enveloping them in a decadent red lipstick. For the most flattering finish, pick the right shade for your skin tone. Deep red with a golden or peach undertone will compliment most Asian skin tones. But, if you are light skinned, experiment with slightly brighter reds - as seen on our model.Team these eye-catching lips with copper-toned eyes and a flawless complexion.

Jewel Lids
Jewel toned eyeshadows in sapphire, emerald and garnet were seen on models at this season’s catwalks, and are ideal for adding intensity to the eyes. These rich tones are best suited to evening receptions. To carry the look off in style, keep the rest of your make-up subtle - a swirl of pink blusher and a slick of flesh coloured gloss is all you need.

Words & styling: Anjana Gosai
Photography: Alexandre Pichon
Make-up: by Sadaf Khan
Contact: 07850 433 205


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