I’m All About That Brow, About That Brow, No Struggle

Vanita Parti has made threading so famous she’s been awarded an MBE! Zahra Suleman catches up with the master of shaping.

Posted: 20.01.15

I got the brainwave to start my business BlinkBrowBar when I moved to Central London and had to travel to the suburbs to find threading. Also there was nowhere that offered an eyebrow service that was fast and easily accessible. It seemed to be a no brainer for women in a busy city that needed a quick brow fix. I loved the challenge of taking what was considered to be a basic skill in India and turning it into something that was a premium and fashionable beauty offering in London, so, I put together a proposal and after much convincing, Fenwick in Bond Street agreed to trial the service.

The Perfect Brow
It’s all about the length, they need to start and end in the right position and the volume/fullness need to be perfectly balanced. The position of the arch needs to be faultless as well. At the minute, everyone is definitely trying to reverse overly thin eyebrows and celebrate fullness but in a groomed way. BlinkBrowBar along with supermodel Cara Delavigne have put brows firmly back on the agenda!

Charity Work
I worked with my sister, Nisha Parti, Operations Director, on finding a charity that would resonate with the BlinkBrowBar team and us. Butterflies is a local charity in Delhi and we were able to witness some of the great work that they had done for street children. We liked the fact that we could focus on a particular project and help the children in a specific way. We opted to fund a night shelter for children who had nowhere safe to sleep.

I noticed the success when queues starting forming and women that couldn’t be seen had to be escorted out by security guards because they refused to leave! I think that BlinkBrowBar has had a lot to do with the obsession people have with their eyebrows. They began to see the results of amazing eyebrows and all wanted to have a go. The word has finally got around and the UK has really woken up to something that Asians have always been obsessed with. We have groomed Emma Watson’s brows as well as Toni Colettes and many well-known models and music celebrities. The big hits with the therapists are the Bollywood Red Carpet regulars such as Katrina Kaif, Karishma Kapoor and Rani Mukerji.

Future Plans
Receiving my MBE was totally shocking, I was absolutely thrilled! I got a phone call from the Honourary Office, which was a huge honour. It was a great excuse to continue to celebrate throughout the year.

Blinkbrowbar is at a very exciting time as it has crossed the 10 year threshold and I feel the time has come to elevate the brand to another level. It is vital that we continue to invigorate the brand with new ways to make eyebrow grooming even more accessible. We want to ensure that we are the absolute authority on eyebrows in the UK and have some interesting plans to make this happen. 

I hope to grow the brand globally along with my brilliant team and be considered the main global eyebrow provider across services and products.

I would also love to collaborate with an interesting designer who could take beauty across to fashion by designing some amazing bottles and packaging or an amazing make artist like Charlotte Tilbury to bring our products to life. I love meeting people with more experience than me, that can advise and creative people who could show me how to do things in a more exciting way. Entrepreneurs like Anya Hindmarch have proved to be a valuable mentor.

Visit your local BlinkBrowBar.

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