Green Is The Word

Sejal Sehmi tests out the latest innovation in skincare at Beautyworxs

Posted: 12.08.14

As we soak in the last of the gorgeous summer sun and top up on our sun-kissed complexion, it’s often easy to forget the after effects that sun and pollution has on Asian skin. Krinna Patel, a professional beautician with over 11 years’ experience, and owner of London based salon Beautyworxs explains: ‘It’s not just pigmentation, but also age spots that are more obvious in Asian skin yet we all want a flawless look and constant glow.’ So how can we get that without damaging our skin?

Green Peel, a biological peeling method, developed by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio, is a course of treatments that Krinna has been practising on her clients over the past six years and believes it’s making a big difference. She says: ‘It’s the only brand that I believe in and it says what it does – it’s also 100% organic so kind on skin.’

The basis of the Green Peel treatment is a mixture of eight selected herbs which contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins, considered to be a form of natural Ayurveda. Some of the key ingredients include lungwort, ribwort, and camomile. Originally used by soldiers to treat cuts and wounds, the Green Peel has been used to treat acne but now has a successful 50 year record as a natural peeling treatment across the globe.

Despite my nerves about my super sensitive skin, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try it out so I headed to Krinna’s salon tucked away just minutes away from Tottenham Court Road station. There are three levels of treatment available – Fresh up, Energy and the Classic GREEN Peel. For my oily/combination skin, she was confident that the energy peel would ensure that the herbs would sink deep enough into the skin to help speed up the repairing process. After the initial five minute cleanse of my entire face, a mixture of dry herbs was combined into a B12 and Vitamin C concentrate - a lack of which, often causes ageing and the skin to breakdown.

The mixture was massaged into my skin for about three minutes before it was wiped off. My skin tingled and felt warm – a normal sensation that indicates that the herbs are sinking into the surface of the skin. Krinna then brushed on a mask made of the sister product called Mela White; a treatment that aids in the brightening of the skin, which was left on the skin for about ten minutes. Once this was removed, a final massage ensured that any excess herbs would settle into the skin. A layer of Dr Schrammek’s Blemish Balm, an anti-inflammatory and healing balm with a hint of colour, was applied across my face and I had strict instructions not to wash it for at least 24 hours. This allows for the herbs to sink deep into the skin and restore and repair the skin cells.

Despite the tingling sensation that still lingered, the glow on my face was instant. Over the next few hours, I could see parts of my skin peeling which was a natural initial process, but 24 hours later the difference was unmissable; my skin felt firmer and brighter with the added help of the recommended Mela White Serum which contains Vitamin C for the next week. I’ve happily continued a few more of the Green Peel treatments since and can continue to use my own regular facial products which is a bonus. My skin has never looked better and healthier and the Blemish Balm has become one of my handbag must-haves as it also acts as a healing balm and tinted moisturiser. For anyone looking to rejuvenate and boost their skin texture, I would highly recommend Green Peel as an extremely effective natural therapy.

For more information, and to receive 20% off your first treatment visit Beauty Worxs.

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