Dr Sarah Shah sponsors Miss Asiana Beauty 2014

The finale of the 2014 Miss Asiana contest – billed as Miss World meets America’s Top Model – takes place on June 14th at Montcalm Hotel, in Marble Arch, London. The contest’s quest, reflecting and embracing the standards of the great USA pageants, is to crown Miss Asiana; a beautiful, talented and female role model to be the face of Asian females in the UK and to represent the Asian community and its values.

Posted: 10.06.14

The event attracts strong sponsors, among them Dr. Sarah Shah, the aesthetics specialist, who is one of the official sponsors, and part of the judging panel for Miss Asiana 2014.

Dr. Sarah Shah is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and has previously worked as a GP within the NHS. She is a highly qualified and experienced aesthetic practitioner, offering her services in London’s prestigious Harley Street, Bury Street and in Birmingham.

As an aesthetic practitioner, Dr. Sarah Shah offers non-surgical procedures that work from within to enhance innate beauty. With a major interest in dermatology and the science of aesthetics, Dr. Sarah Shah sits at the forefront of cosmetic innovation delivering personalised consultations and effective procedures for best results.

The clinic currently offers a wide range of treatments including Botox™, nose reshaping, chemical peels, dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing and acne solutions. Treatments are provided with a view to enhancing the patient’s overall health, because Sarah Shah believes beauty starts from within.

Dr. Sarah Shah is offering complimentary treatments and beauty top ups to all finalists and is looking forward to welcoming the 2014 Miss Asiana Beauty category award winner as the face of her new campaign. She will promote Asian values and embody the clinical philosophy of Dr. Sarah Shah – expressing beauty, inside and out.

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