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Top tips for luscious looking locks

Posted: 01.03.12

Imagine a world where bad hair days don’t exist, where every day you wake up with flowing luscious locks as if you’ve just stepped out of a salon. It doesn’t need to be a fantasy; using the right products and hair care regime, will breath new life into your bonnet…and it’s easier to achieve than you may think.

Common hair complaints
The demands of every day life can mean general health and wellbeing is often compromised and one of the consequences is being left with dull, lifeless hair. Contributing factors include work related stress, eating on the go and the struggle to balance a thriving social life with family commitments. Teamed with product build up, bleaching, colouring and overuse of heat products means hair can become damaged, ridden with split ends and may even fall out.

The benefits of a deep condition
Looking after your hair should be part of a weekly beauty regime; just as you would moisturise your face, your locks also need a moisture boost. Using a good quality deep conditioner once a week will keep your hair soft, smooth, full of body and manageable. The Dabur Vatika Naturals brand recently launched in the UK is one of the world’s most respected haircare ranges. Consisting of shampoos, hair oils and conditioners, every product uses natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Vatika’s Deep Conditioning Hair Masks have been designed especially for the UK where colder climates can have a detrimental effect on hair. Hair type is determined by its natural condition; it may be oily, dry, fine or frizzy and each type needs to be cared for the right way. Providing superior hair protection rehydration, Vatika’s conditioners are a quick rescue remedy for damaged hair from the root to the tip. Choose from Egg Protein combining extract of egg and honey particularly for hair that’s prone to split ends, or Virgin Olive containing olive, almond and henna suitable for dry, dull and lifeless hair.
Best used weekly following your shampoo, massage into your scalp using your finger tips. Leave it on your hair for 10-15 minutes by wrapping it in a hot towel and then rinse, towel dry and style as usual. The results are luscious, cared for locks, with a sleek finish, set to turn heads – and one thing’s for sure, your bad hair days will be banished!
• Dabur Vatika Natural Hair Masks and other products in the range are available in Asda and specialist Asian stores.

Top tips for healthy looking hair:
• Only shampoo your hair a maximum of two times a week, it needs time to recover and you don’t want to overload the natural oils already present in your hair.
• Brush your hair regularly to stimulate your scalp in all directions, using smooth long strokes from scalp to hair-tips and massage using your fingertips. This will reduce scalp tension and the over production of sebum which makes your hair greasy.
• Eat a well balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.
• After washing your hair, add a few drops of a quality hair oil to keep roots nourished.
• Use an intensive hair mask once a week to keep your overall hair in good condition.

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