Beauty And The Bees

Smell divine whilst raising awareness

Posted: 06.08.12

In an ever-evolving world of lotions and potions it’s always good to know you’re buying something that doesn’t just benefit yourself.
Beauty brand Burt’s Bees are known for creating luxurious honey scented bath and body products that make you feel pampered while caring for the environment.
And this summer they’ve teamed up with designer Richard Weston to create a limited edition version of their best-selling 24 Hour Milk & Honey Body Lotion. The silky smooth texture and scrumptious smell of the nourishing lotion makes it one you’ll want to wear every day. It also contains natural skin-softening ingredients like milk, honey, shea butter, vitamin E and moisturising sunflower, olive, coconut and grape seed oils.
The handy 170ml tube is ideal for travelling with, keeping your hands and body smooth all day long.
Taking inspiration from the humble bumble bee and wild meadow flowers, Richard has created unique packaging for the lotion that promotes the Wild For Bees campaign.
For every edition of the special lotion purchased, £1 will be donated to The British Beekeeper’s Association important ‘Adopt A Beehive Scheme.’ The are virtually no wild bees left in the UK and the scheme aims to raise awareness and educate people about how the precious honey bee can be saved.

Richard has also created a gorgeous floral silk scarf in the same design so you can make a fashion statement, whilst helping out one of Britain’s most endangered populations. The pretty scarf is over 1 m long and can be worn around your neck on a breezy summer evening, or wear it as a sarong.

Burts Bees 24 Hour Milk & Honey Body Lotion is priced £9.99 and is available from Debenhams and other leading retailers. Or visit where you can purchase the special scarf (£170) for a limited time.


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