10 Festival Beauty Treats

Our guide to the best Eid and Diwali gifts for your friends and family

Posted: 24.10.12

The lucky boyfriend

With Skyfall fever sweeping the nation, you’ve probably noticed changes in your boyfriend’s behaviour – more of a swagger, the need for speed and perhaps he’s drinking more Martinis? Well wait until he sets his eyes on this 007 Limited Edition Gold perfume (£24.50) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the greatest spy on the planet. A scent and gadget in one, the cap rotates like a secret weapon…it’s almost too fun to spray! (

Make mum’s day 

Giving someone a gift that says ‘anti-ageing’ on it may not sound like a good thing but it is, when it’s by SriVectin. After all, it’s the brand celebrities flock to, young and old, from fresh-faced Kelly Osbourne to the flawless Kylie Minogue. Inside the StriVectin Healthy Skin Blockbuster Kit (£89) your mum will be treated to six intensive products that will banish signs of looking weary, giving her a radiant, beautifying boost. Containing six goodies including a concentrate for stretch marks and wrinkles, power serum, sculpting face and neck cream and a volumising hand treatment  - skin is left, firm and fabulous. Expect a top up request for Mother’s Day. (

Dad’s delight  

Don’t let your pa feel left out when it comes to giving out beauty products – after all, he deserves some pampering too! The sleek Jetset Travel Collection from Elemis (£48) contains a deep cleanse face wash, shave gel, scrub, moisture boost and body wash and with its elegant packaging and smart wash bag, you can guarantee it will get your dad’s thumbs up. 

Teenage sister’s wish list

When we heard there was an eyeshadow called Eid Moon, we knew we had to get our hands on one!  Part of the collection by Samina Pure Make-Up, The Warm Natural Make-Up Kit (£23) is a great introduction to make-up newbie’s (i.e. teenagers) as the products are natural, and come in classic shades. The brand is the first Halal approved beauty one in Europe and the kits include lipgloss, instant glow blush and crushed mineral eyeshadow. (

Big bro sorted

Lots of lovely goodies and a tin to keep them in, (which your brother can later keep ‘man things’ in afterwards - every boy has a tin for that sort of thing). The Bulldog range is the UK’s largest skincare brand for men and they know exactly what men like and need for their skin. The range is packed with natural ingredients like green tea, aloe vera and jojoba and no chemical nasties. Wash bags and mugs are also available but we love the Expert Skincare Tin (£20). ( and Sainsbury’s)

The special girlfriend

The gift every girl deserves; a luxury suitcase filled with full size versions of all Elemis’s best-loved products (£195). Inside are their award-winning favourites Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Oxygenating Night Cream, Quartz Lift Mask, Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser and Soothing Apricot Toner. Treat yourself if you’ve got no one to buy this for you! (

Best friend forever

If you’re missing nights in with your besties watching Sex & The City, fear not, the new series (the younger years – in case you’ve ever wondered what Carrie wore when she was a teenager) is about to hit the screens. Get in the mood with one of these decadent new fragrance gift sets (£29.95) – one for day and one for night. Inside is a gorgeous crystal topped eau de parfum body and deodorant body spray. With hints of pear blossom, vanilla orchid and fruity pomegranate…it’s a scent that for sharing (hopefully she’ll get this for you too). (

Happy aunt

Stop her moaning with a gift that’s got a conscious…at least it will give her something else to talk about! Green People specialise in beauty products that are organic, 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty free. Where possible, all ingredients are fair trade and 10% of their net profit is donated to charity. Sounds fantastic – lucky the products are too! Choose from a range of gift sets for face and body care. (£22.95) (

Appreciative uncle

A soap with a majestic cathedral on it, what uncle wouldn’t be impressed with that? 4711 is a unisex range of scented gifts that come in luxurious packaging and smell divine. With notes of bergamot, lemon and orange to revitalise, you can be sure your uncle will feel wonderful this winter. (from £11,

Nosey neighbour

No matter how much your neighbour bugs you, festival season is a time to make amends, so even if they’re not celebrating, show them some love! Getting ‘smellies’ for someone you don’t know well is tricky, so opt for something that’s stylish and offers choice like the Champneys Nail Varnish Collection (£10). There’s a shade for every outfit. (


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